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Inconel 625 Lâmina de liga de base de níquel

Inconel 625 Lâmina de liga de base de níquel

Número do modelo:Inconel 625
Lugar de origem:China
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Inconel 625 belts play an important role in the chemical processing industry. It is a high-temperature alloy strip with excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength for use in harsh environments in the chemical processing industry. In critical applications such as chemical reactors, distillation towers, absorption towers and catalyst units, Inconel 625 tape resists corrosive media, high temperatures and pressure, ensuring safe operation and reliable performance of the equipment. Its excellent performance parameters make it an ideal material choice in the chemical processing industry. Overall, Inconel 625 tape provides an important material solution for the chemical processing industry with its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature strength.


  • Corrosion resistance: Inconel 625 tape has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand corrosive media in the chemical processing industry, including acidic, alkaline and salt solutions.
  • High temperature stability: This strip can maintain high strength and stability in high temperature environments and is suitable for high temperature components and devices in the chemical processing industry.
  • Oxidation Resistance: Inconel 625 tape has good antioxidant properties and is able to prevent oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures.


  • Corrosion resistance: One of the advantages of Inconel 625 belts in the chemical processing industry is its excellent corrosion resistance, which can reduce corrosion losses in equipment and pipelines and increase equipment service life.
  • High-temperature stability: Inconel 625 tape can maintain high strength and stability in high-temperature environments, and is suitable for high-temperature chemical reactors, catalyst pipes, and heating elements.
  • Oxidation resistance: The strip's antioxidant properties can prevent oxidation and corrosion under high temperature conditions, ensuring the reliability and long-term use of the equipment.


  1. Chemical Reactors: Inconel 625 tape can be used in high temperature reactors, catalyst piping and heating elements in the chemical processing industry. It can withstand high temperatures and corrosive media and is used in various chemical reaction processes.
  2. Distillation columns and separation equipment: Inconel 625 belts can be used in distillation columns, separation equipment and piping systems in the chemical processing industry. It can withstand corrosive media and high temperature conditions and is used in substance separation and purification processes.
  3. Catalyst piping: Inconel 625 tape can be used in catalyst piping and reactor systems in the chemical processing industry. Due to its corrosion resistance and high temperature stability, it is able to withstand catalyst reactions and chemical changes under high temperature conditions.

Other relevant knowledge points:

The chemical processing industry refers to the industrial field that uses chemical methods and processes to transform raw materials, synthesize compounds, separate, purify, and process chemicals.
In the chemical processing industry, material selection needs to consider factors such as corrosion resistance, high temperature performance, pressure resistance and compatibility with media.
The design and manufacturing of equipment and pipelines need to comply with relevant safety standards and specifications to ensure the safety, reliability and compliance of the equipment with industry requirements.
The operation and management of the chemical processing industry requires compliance with strict safety measures and environmental protection requirements to ensure the safety of operators, reduce the risk of accidents, and protect the environment from pollution.


  • Chemical Properties of Inconel 625

NickelChromiumMolybdenumIronNiobium and TantalumCobaltManganeseSilicon

Type we could offer

AMS NumberAlloyTypeUNSCross Ref. SpecMisc./Shape
AMS 5581Inconel 625NickelN06625
AMS 5581 Custom TubeInconel 625NickelN06625-Custom Tube
AMS 5581 TubingInconel 625NickelN06625-Tubing
AMS 5599Inconel 625NickelN06625
AMS 5599 PlateInconel 625NickelN06625-Plate
AMS 5599 SheetInconel 625NickelN06625-Sheet
AMS 5599 StripInconel 625NickelN06625-Strip
AMS 5666Inconel 625NickelN06625
AMS 5666 BarInconel 625NickelN06625-Bar
AMS 5666 Custom TubeInconel 625NickelN06625-Custom Tube
AMS 5666 ForgingInconel 625NickelN06625-Forging
AMS 5666 RingInconel 625NickelN06625-Ring
AMS 5869Inconel 625NickelN06625
AMS 5869 PlateInconel 625NickelN06625-Plate
AMS 5869 SheetInconel 625NickelN06625-Sheet
AMS 5869 StripInconel 625NickelN06625-Strip

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Q & A:

Q: Does your factory have the capability to produce large quantities of Inconel 625 strips?

A: Yes, our factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and has the capability to produce large quantities of Inconel 625 strips.

Q: What measures does your factory take to ensure the consistency and quality of Inconel 625 strip production?

A: Our factory places a strong emphasis on quality control throughout the production process of Inconel 625 strips. We have implemented strict quality assurance procedures, including raw material inspection, in-process monitoring, and final product testing to ensure consistency and adherence to specifications.

China Inconel 625 Lâmina de liga de base de níquel supplier

Inconel 625 Lâmina de liga de base de níquel

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